Join Us!

GCL was founded in 2015 to make emerging technology education accessible to all students. We support students who are traditionally underrepresented in technology through hands-on learning and connecting educators to resources, to bridge the education gap at its root for generations to come. Our goal is to enact long-term change by empowering students to be changemakers.

There are two main ways to become involved with GCL.

  • Chapter Leader: If you want to bring GCL’s work to your area and have an impact on your community, become a chapter leader. Applications are currently closed.
  • National Team: If you are interested in working with many other GCL members to hold larger initiatives, consider joining the national team. Applications are currently closed, but we plan to open again soon! Send us an email if you are interested, and we will contact you first when applications reopen.

Let’s Change Together!

Your support will help us to make emerging technology education accessible to all students, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status.